A Dutch man swallowed his car keys while vacationing in Barcelona and pleaded for help inside a supermarket — but he died because no one could understand what he was saying.

The 37-year-old tourist, whose name was not revealed, entered the store in the Sarria district of Catalonia’s capital about 10:15 p.m. Aug. 5 in a state of distress, The US Sun reported.

He was “in an evident state of excitement and causing altercations,” according to the outlet, which cited a 20 Minutos report.

Workers notified the municipal police force Guàrdia Urbana, whose officers had to intervene and restrain the man, who soon collapsed outside.

Police tried to resuscitate him before the arrival of medical personnel, who discovered that he had the keys lodged in his throat.

The paramedics removed the keys and rushed him to Sant Pau Hospital, where he died the following morning.

It was unclear if people could not understand him because he was speaking Dutch or if he could not communicate clearly because of the items in his throat, according to the report.

A Dutch tourist chocked to death on car keys in Barcelona.
A Dutch tourist chocked to death on car keys in Barcelona.
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The Mossos d’Esquadra police force is investigating the incident, including how the keys ended up in the tragic tourist’s throat.

He and his family had been staying near the supermarket on Riera de Cassoles Avenue.

The Dutch consulate and the Barcelona City Council are supporting the family.

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