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Rob Schneider isn’t backing down in his public fight against the coronavirus vaccine.

The actor and comedian went off on social media denouncing the shot and told his followers that, they too, should refrain from receiving the vaccine while citing the Second Amendment.

“Just say no… And keep saying no… Over half of the U.S. population is continuing to say no to this unapproved experimental gene therapy! ‘My body, my choice!'” Schneider tweeted, adding the hashtag, “2nd Amendment Is For This.”

Schneider, 57, added in a series of tweets to his nearly 940,000 Twitter followers that “Our Government has told us they plan on going to OUR FRONT DOOR with this. They have lied, had a 2 year fear campaign and lockdown, destroyed middle class household incomes, bankrupted untold thousands of businesses and are now putting children’s lives at risk.”

He professed in a written note screenshotted from his personal device that: “We should never abandon our liberal principles and international stance on body autonomy, free informed choice and human rights, and support unprecedented coercion of professional health workers, patients and people to have experimental treatments with limited safety data.”

“This and the policies that go with it are more of a danger to our society than anything we have faced during this last year,” he added.

In February, the “Grown Ups” co-star slammed California public schools’ in-person coronavirus safety measures as a “new kind of child abuse” while responding to a video of a teacher’s classroom that showed roughly 28 desks each separated by slats of plexiglass.

A rep for Schneider did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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