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Vaccines have been heralded as one of the greatest scientific developments of our time. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends immunizations for most groups of people, and these injections protect millions from dangerous diseases every year.

Unfortunately, vaccines are far from perfect–and, in some cases, do more harm than good. As with any medication, it is possible to experience a wide range of side effects. When it comes to vaccines, some of these consequences can lead to lifelong illnesses and debilitation. Most vaccine injury victims were simply following CDC guidelines and trying to protect their health. However, after their injury, they must face physical pain and an uncertain future.

Though vaccines are widely regarded as safe, the federal government recognized in the 1980s that vaccines can cause serious adverse reactions. To address this issue, a national compensation program was founded to help those injured by a vaccine. Our experienced attorneys at Shannon Law Group, P.C., help vaccine injury victims obtain the compensation they need, ensuring their continued medical care and financial well-being.

If you or someone you love has suffered a vaccine injury, our dedicated legal team can help you learn more about your rights and how to file a petition. Call our office today at (312) 578-9501 or toll-free at (886) 881-9980.
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