Usually tetanus vaccine is given to a patient if there is a deep injury or if there is any foreign body in it or if there is dirt in it. And there is a possibility that the infection can turn septic. Then it is as a preventive that you can take a tetanus vaccination is usually taken in people who have not taken a full course of tetanus vaccine. In homeopathy we have medicines for tetanus to come up and we have medicines for the tendency for the tetanus to come up and even in the actual tetanus where the patient has actually developed convulsions and a locked a patient with tetanus and locked jaw, we prescribe hypericum and in 2 days these patients convulsions are much better and in about a week, the patient is back to normal. So thus is the speed with which the homeopathic medicines work in severe conditions like tetanus which is considered fatal. The other medicines that are used in tetanus is redempal. So usually patients take tetanus infections even if it is not required. I would say to take tetanus vaccine, if you are not fully vaccinated. So take your vaccination course and if you feel that the injury is very deep, then there is a possibility of it turning on to sepsis, then go in for it.

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