With the COVID-19 vaccines going out around the country, we have been asked (multiple times), what happens legally if the vaccine makes you sick? So we asked our favorite vaccine law professor, Dorit Reiss to weigh in. What happens in the off chance that the vaccine makes you sick? Can you sue the pharma company or the doctor? If you can’t sue the vaccine maker, what recourse do you have?

In this mini interview, Prof Reiss explains some of the legal challenges and roadblocks to suing for a bad reaction to a vaccine as well as the right to recover under the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program. Reiss also explores whether one can sue if a company DOES NOT mandate vaccination and, as a result, employees or residents are infected and injured.

Prof. Dorit Reiss is a law professor at UC Hastings where she regularly writes on law related to vaccination, child mandates, and immunization programs.

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