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March 18, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Walmart has teamed up with providers of a digital immunity passport so that customers who receive the COVID-19 vaccine at thousands of the retail giant’s locations across America will be able to prove they’ve been vaccinated when such proof is required for them to travel, return to work or school, and attend sports events and other entertainment venues.

The company announced yesterday that customers vaccinated at Walmart and Sam’s Club will be able to access their vaccination records through the Health Pass by CLEAR app and TCP’s CommonHealth and CommonPass apps.

“These platforms are free to users who choose to use them in order to verify their vaccine status to safely return to travel, work, school, sports events, entertainment and other venues while protecting their health data privacy,” the company stated.

“Our goal is to give customers vaccinated at Walmart free and secure digital access to their vaccine record and enable them to share that information with third parties seeking to confirm their vaccination status,” said John Furner, CEO and President of Walmart US.

“We are proud to be the first retailer to strategically partner with both The Commons Project Foundation and CLEAR, and we look forward to working with them to empower people with digital access to their vaccination records so they can use them whenever and however they choose,” he added.

Watchdog groups have warned, however, that vaccine immunity passports will be used by those in power to restrict the rights and freedoms of those who refuse to go along with the medical experiment of receiving an unproven COVID-19 vaccine.

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“The real risk of ‘vaccine immunity passports’ is the violation of our rights and freedoms,” Ted Kuntz, president of Vaccine Choice Canada, told LifeSiteNews in a recent interview. “The unstated intention of such a document would be used to restrict access to travel and services of those individuals not partaking in this medical experiment.”

Citizens in countries that have already rolled out such a vaccine passport program, such as Israel, are already experiencing what they call a “medical Apartheid.”

“It’s very intense over here in Israel,” said Ilana Rachel Daniel in a video posted March 3rd on Bitchute. “It’s terrible. It’s a very, very, very frightening situation.” Daniel related how the country has instituted a “green passport” where those who have not been vaccinated are not able to “get into theaters or malls or all sorts of things.”

“They are creating a medical Apartheid,” said Daniel.

A prominent left-leaning civil liberties group in Canada warned in December that  “immunity passports” for those who receive the COVID-19 vaccination shot would ultimately become tools for government-backed “abuse, discrimination, and oppression.”

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association said that an immunity passport health program would place citizens in one of two camps, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, which would create a “dangerous social sorting, a categorization of human beings as safe vs unsafe, deserving vs undeserving, based on their personal decision about their health.”

“ We know what happens when we create social systems dividing people into categories — abuse, discrimination, and oppression,” the association stated.

Walmart explained how customers would receive their digital immunity passports.

Customers must first create a free digital account on the Walmart or Sam’s Club app to schedule an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. A customer can then choose to download the CLEAR, CommonHealth, or CommonPass app and create a free account. Then, customers sign into their Walmart or Sam’s Club account and agree to share their vaccination history with the verification app they have chosen. Customers will then authenticate their vaccine status with Walmart or Sam’s Club account credentials in the verification app they’ve chosen.

Paul Meyer, chief executive of the Commons Project Foundation, a nonprofit in Geneva behind the health passport apps, praised Walmart for offering the service to customers.

“We applaud Walmart’s strong commitment to empowering customers with access to their health information using open standards,” he said, according to Walmart’s press release.

“Walmart is the first huge-scale administrator of vaccines that is committing to giving people a secure, verifiable record of their vaccinations,” said Meyer, as reported by the New York Times. “We think many others will follow.”

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