Death, Anaphylaxis, And Other Vaccine Adverse Effects (March 16th 2021 – USA)

Errate: note I did not filter correctly for deaths. These numbers are incorrect.

#koolbeens have been asking to track vaccine administration related adverse effects/reaction and report on them. We will go over various adverse reactions in today’s discussion. We will go over various side effects in the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) reporting system.

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CDC posts this note at the bottom of each report:
Note: Submitting a report to VAERS does not mean that healthcare personnel or the vaccine caused or contributed to the adverse event (possible side effect).

Tracker by CDC

We will look into the following adverse reactions.
1. Pain
2. Redness
3. Fatique
4. Fever
5. Skin irritation
6. Fainting
7. Facial droop
8. Anaphylaxis
9. Allergic reactions
10. Eyesight effects
11. Tremors
12. Inability to move
13. Death

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