This is NOT a commentary on masks. Sure, I, as a fully vaccinated individual, follow CDC guidelines and don’t wear one outside when I’m socially distant from others. Some people make different decisions. I also don’t wear one on Zoom calls, again unlike some other people. But this is NOT a commentary on masks. This is about how Joe Biden is a virtue-signaling, senile, doddering, pudding-headed, doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t know who pooped in his pants, how the deuce is this guy the most popular president ever, old coot.

Biden walked out for a speech on Thursday. Put his mask down. Meanders his way through his prepared remarks. Manages to LOSE HIS MASK over that brief period of time. Hilarity ensues! Then you realize this guy is our commander in chief.

Confused, Fully Vaccinated Joe Biden Desperately Looks For His Lost Mask While Outside

The video is unclear, and I don’t want to run afoul of Facebook’s “fact” checkers. But it looks like a Secret Service agent runs up, tries to sneak a mask to Jill Biden, then Joe Biden “suddenly” finds his mask. This would be embarrassing and show that they all think we’re stupid and can’t see that happening with our own eyes. The other option is that while the agent was trying to be sly, Biden found his mask in his pocket and that’s the mask he held up. Which, after touching the mask and sticking it in his pocket, renders it useless. Again, as per CDC guidelines. Follow the science.

The video ends before Biden leaves the stage. No doubt, walking off with his mask on outdoors to send a message. What the message is, I have no bleedin’ idea. The sad thing is, neither does Joe Biden.

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