A pregnant Texas woman was shot dead in her home this week — but her baby daughter was safely delivered, according to a new report. 

Domonique Mellion, 23, was inside her apartment in Baytown when she was struck in the head by a bullet, KHOU reported, citing local police. 

Authorities initially said it appeared Mellion was killed by a stray bullet as the occupants of two vehicles got into a shootout, but now they believe the apartment was targeted, the outlet reported. 

She was airlifted to a hospital, where she couldn’t be saved — but doctors safely delivered her child, the outlet reported. 

The newborn was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Domonique Mellion.
Domonique Mellion was killed but her baby was delivered safely.
Ernest Adams, Jhakeem Monrose, and Shai-Keem Thomas.
Authorities are looking to question Ernest Adams, Jhakeem Monrose and Shai-Keem Thomas.
Baytown Police

Neighbor Ronni Moore told KHOU she heard several gunshots around 6:30 p.m. 

“Probably like eight or nine … there was a lot,” Moore told the station. “If we had been out here, we, you know, probably would’ve been shot because we usually sit right out here and smoke.”

Authorities want to question three people of interest in the incident — Ernest Adams, Jhakeem Monrose and Shai-Keem Thomas, according to the report.

Domonique Mellion's apartment building.
Police believe Domonique Mellion’s apartment was targeted.
Bullet hole on the side of a building.
A bullet was fired through the apartment wall and struck Domonique Mellion in the head.

The incident happened in the same apartment complex where Pamela Turner, 44, was fatally shot in May 2019, moments after she yelled, “I’m pregnant!” while fighting for a cop’s Taser. Turner was not actually pregnant, according to police.

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