The school board for Vail, Arizona, scrapped its scheduled meeting Tuesday night and called 911 after a group of furious parents swarmed their study session ahead of time demanding the panel drop the mask mandate for their children.

What are the details?

Last week, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) lifted the statewide mask mandate for schools, but some districts immediately announced they would keep their own mask mandates in place — including the Vail Unified School District.

So, Vail parents against the mask mandate for their kids held a rally outside the Vail Education Center (where Tuesday’s meeting was set to take place), holding protest signs and chanting, “Let our children breathe!”

The crowd, estimated to be around 100 people, then poured inside the facility where they were greeted by a sergeant and four deputies from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department who informed them that the meeting had been canceled due to safety concerns, according to KGUN-TV.

“These are our kids,” one furious mom can be seen telling law enforcement at the scene, according to a video from KVOA-TV. “We have bills in the Constitution in Arizona that give us parental rights — they are inalienable rights. They do not have the right to take them away, and yet this state, and this board, has taken it away from us. And they have the audacity to leave when we come here as peaceful parents and talk to them? It’s bull crap.”

Emotions quite high.. Parents demanding answers from the sheriff’s deputy as to why the school board left. The depu…

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In the absence of the actual elected board, the protesting parents held their own “election” via parliamentary procedure by those present and named their own new school board members.

At this time, however, the district’s mask mandate remains in place and so does the school board elected by the public at large, KVOA reported.

Emotions flare after parents protest for Vail School District to lift mask mandate

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