A New Zealand activist, who specializes in drawing large penises around the streets of Auckland, has finally been threatened with legal action.

Geoff Upson, who calls himself a road safety campaigner, estimates he has made about 100 lewd drawings on streets with potholes, in the hopes that the phallic images will motivate officials to pave over them, according to The New Zealand Herald.

Auckland Transport confronted Upson over the stunt last week, and filed a complaint with the police, who followed up with the doodling activist, the article said.

A series of Upson's graffiti on a road in New Zealand.
A series of Upson’s graffiti on a road in New Zealand.

The crass drawings caused safety risk and a distraction for other drivers, officials reportedly said.

The vulgar vandal is standing by his work.

“Offended!? Good!!! Maybe the road will get fixed soon!,” the 30-year-old wrote on his Facebook page.

One of the vandal's spray-painted penises.
One of the vandal’s spray-painted penises.

“If they come out and fix the road then 100 per cent of my drawing will be removed,” Upson told the newspaper.

Upson described his creative process in a tongue in cheek video he uploaded of himself on a pothole-filled highway.

“I’m about sick of calling Auckland transport,” he said, as the camera pans to two large green and pink neon penises on the road.

“So what I’ve done is I’ve gone and drawn a great artist’s impression of a penis.”

“The stretch of road from here to the end of that other penis is 48 meters. The width of my lines is approximately 1.2 meters,” he says.

Upson claims that in addition to getting the attention of officials, his prolific spray painted penises help drivers avoid the potholes.

The Auckland activist isn’t the first to use phalluses to flag potholes.

In 2015, a British graffiti artist tried to draw attention to her uneven street — aptly named Cock Lane — with the crude drawings.

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