Former Thurston, Oregon teacher Lisa DeFluri has been sentenced to seven years in prison after admitting to sex with an underage student.

According to ABC affiliate KEZI, Lisa DeFluri, 31, was sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty to 11 counts of student sex abuse.

Prosecutors argued for a 10-year sentence to ensure she would remain apart from the underage student.

Katherine Green, prosecutor for the state, said she might have sought a more lenient sentence, however DeFluri violated a court order to stay away from the victim. 

A former Thurston High School teacher and coach who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a student will spend more than seven years behind bars.


Lisa DeFluri’s attorney argued for leniency in the student sex case for a two-year sentence.

“Similar cases all over Oregon have all resolved with either probationary sentences or prison terms totaling four years or less,” attorney Anna Sammons said.

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A police detective argued the teacher had an “obsessive” relationship with the unidentified student, noting love notes and pictures of the two were found in the teacher’s classroom and in her home.

“It was basically hiding in plain sight,” Det. Jamie McMahon said. “There were notes everywhere. They weren’t hard to find … It was everywhere.”

Oregon officials have accused Lisa DeFluri of violating the boundary between student and teacher by committing oral sex on the girl and touching her sexually.

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The illicit sex relationship between Lisa DeFluri and the student took place between July and December 2020. The girl played for a basketball team coached by the math teacher and was slowly groomed into a sexual relationship, authorities said.

“Being a family friend…we trusted Lisa and she made sure we trusted her. And little by little she went deeper into our lives,” the victim’s mother told the court Thursday. “At 11 to 12 years old, Lisa had set eyes on our child and family and the grooming began then.”

Lisa DeFluri, who lost her job and later got a divorce from her husband, apologized in court for her actions and the student sex abuse.

“I know I cannot adequately apologize for the harm I have caused and the words ‘I’m sorry’ — they don’t cut it,” DeFluri said. “The words ‘I’m sorry’ do not undo the damage I’ve done to [the victim] and her entire family or the suffering that I have inflicted on my own son.”

DeFluri has been head coach of the Thurston High School girls basketball team since 2018 and is also listed on the school’s website as a 10th grade teacher for English and English support classes.

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