A 23-year-old British law grad turned OnlyFans model says she’s clearing an effective $80,000 salary via her work on the platform posing in her underwear in her family bedroom.

According to The Liverpool Echo, 23-year-old OnlyFans model and law grad Alaw Haf, from Mold in Wales, says she is among the top 3% of creators on the site.

The University of Liverpool graduate says she joined the platform after losing her job at a local gym during the pandemic.

Thanks to her fans, Haf claims she’s now clearing £60,000 a year — approximately $83,000 in US dollars.

A Liverpool law graduate who lost her job at the start of the pandemic has revealed how she’s now earning upwards of £5,000 a month after joining subscription platform OnlyFans.

Liverpool law graduate, 23, making £60k a year on OnlyFans

The law grad turned OnlyFans model spoke in a new BBC documentary about her experience with the site and how she was initially turned on to the idea.

“I didn’t realise there were fitness pages, cooking pages on there, and you could have content you want [that’s pitched] to your level on there, I was like ‘OK,’” Haf said, recounting how an Instagram follower suggested she start up a page.

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WalesOnline reported she shoots her content from her bedroom in her parents’ home, who know about her career as a glamour subject.

“They are aware of what I do. I asked them first before I started underwear modeling and they said ‘it’s now or never,’ that surprised me.”

Alaw does the videos and modelling shoots from her bedroom at her parents’ home and when she asked if they’d mind her following her new passion from their home, she was surprised at their response.

The Welsh 23-year-old making £5,000 a month on OnlyFans

Despite making a good amount of money and working from home as an OnlyFans model, the law grad appears to be clear eyed about how the work might impact her future career prospects.

“I am a grown woman now, it’s not like I’ve done this on a whim, it will impact my future and I fully understand I’m not going to be a teacher,” Haf said, according to The Daily Star.

“I’m open about it but sometimes I go out on a night out and someone says ‘I’ve paid for that round’ because they’ve subscribed to me on OnlyFans. It’s weird when people you know subscribe but I’m over it now,” she continued.

Haf also noted it is often difficult to deal with harassment on the social media platforms she manages, but she’s learned to brush them off.

She explained: “I get all sorts of nasty comments and I have learned to laugh at them.

TV star and law grad making thousands on OnlyFans – but knows snaps will ‘impact future’

“I don’t know whether it’s old-fashioned, we shouldn’t be confident and putting ourselves out there, which is sad because we’re in 2021,” the law grad turned OnlyFans model says of her current job.

“We are making our own money, it should be celebrated.”

The Financial Times reported that the content platform saw explosive growth during the pandemic as the out-of-work signed up in droves to make ends meet.

Now even celebrities and professional models have branched out to OnlyFans in a bid to diversify their revenue streams.

The platform where sex workers, celebrities and influencers charge fans for pictures, videos and customised content increased transactions 615 per cent to £1.7bn last year, making it one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech companies.

OnlyFans blurs boundaries as lockdown demand drives success

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