Whatever can be said, we have been about three or four billion people locked down on the five continents, forced to experience a kind of “house-arrest”. Unexpectedly, in a few weeks, this “exception” has become the standard status for crowds of honest citizens, blowing on the planet a backward wind and generating a crazy surrealistic atmosphere. However you call it a “lockdown”, it is a real “containment” of the populations evoking warfare, cold war, repression, fear and mistrust.

Some questions and some answers

Of course, this staggering episode will sustain thoughts, reflections and questions about the origin of this mysterious virus that was capable to plunge all of a sudden our familiar society into an unknown but very disturbing future.

What is unprecedented indeed in the Covid 19 crisis is not the event in itself, but its uncommon impact, resulting from its huge, systematic, world-wide, at first sight irrational instrumentation. Why did it get such an extraordinary importance, as soon as pandemics, far from being an exception, are rather usual? Looking back to a recent past, remembering or not that an epidemic alert used to be launched every two or three years, every individual will discover at that occasion the many types of fevers or influenzas possibly fraught with dangers he has escaped from. So we have a right to wonder and ask why or for which reasons this famous Covid19 has become so extravagantly famous and fearsome. Of course, we can’t predict the final toll. Let’s say it is not a mild epidemic, but to believe daily figures, it has nothing to do with a pandemic of the millennium. There must be an explanation…

“Containment” being conducive to reflection, it’s within everyone’s capabilities to ponder about the impact of media coverage of the crisis, since everything has been done everywhere to condition the populations and bring them to focus on the so-called “War on Coronavirus” at every moment, every detail in their daily life, 24/24 and 7/7.. It is indeed a permanent brainwash that is imposed on those millions of house-locked down citizens through an omnipresent TV propaganda, the channels altogether centering unremittingly their programs on the “coronavirus”.

Intentionally or not, this oppressive context makes it possible to push into the far-off background some of the upsetting realities that were unveiled at the occasion of the pandemic, insofar as those realities were bringing to the fore the profound geopolitical reversal which stood out during the last ten years. Indeed the obsessive campaign makes the viewers forget the evidence that the Atlantic hegemony is quickly swinging to the Eurasian Block, thus reshaping the World on new bases. This bias raises some questions.

If the tidal wave we are referring to were just an “illuminati” illusion, would the virus have been dramatized to this extreme as it has been, so as to relegate to the rank of memories the geopolitical mutation? Would the situation – that is not really to the advantage of the West – raise so violent attacks demonizing Russia and China? Unless we consider that the pandemic – or the storytelling – has been a catalyst favorable to the advent of this messianist “New World Order” preached and prophesied by Henry Kissinger, Attali, Gordon Brown, George Soros, Rockfeller, Bill Gates&Co… In fact, these visionaries of bad omen seem to be ready to bank on the most vicious or haziest plans to preserve the US/Atlantic hegemony as if it were a divine privilege: business as usual. But their approach is distorted by their misperception of the realities.

Corona as a geopolitical tool

If the debate on the ins and outs of the crisis can last for ages, there is no doubt as regards the conclusion: it is firstly because of the geopolitical context that the Corona episode made such an impact. Those prominent public figures above-mentioned, leading from behind or on the frontline the so-called “World Government Project”, do not belong exactly to the new generations, rather looking like figures of the past, at the relative exception of their present leader, Bill Gates (aged 64). In spite of their presupposed “genius”, they are blinkered in their vision, misguided by the conviction that the World will remain forever under western rule. It is true that God’s will and “elected peoples” destiny used to be omnipresent in the American political speech as well as in the minds of many citizens, as a deeply-rooted conviction since the Pilgrim Fathers and the founders of the United States, but this self-centered conviction gained a renewed favour in the seventies/eighties with the arising of neoconservatism, a neocapitalist doctrine religiously permeated by Zionism. It reached the height of its glory during George W. Bush administration, when the White House meetings used to look and sound like religious services.

To a lesser extent, this bigot inspiration remains alive in the political speech, including in immoderate statements by Donald Trump. Beyond differences and conflicts, most US politicians – with few exceptions – do agree about the innate supremacy of their country and its vocation to lead the World. A British writer (living in the States), S. Mallaby, wrote: “Neo-imperialist America is still in charge of the Burden chanted by Kipling, but The Burden of the White Man has changed into the Burden of the Rich Man”.

Taking this conviction for granted, we can understand how difficult it is for American leaders to bow before the first conclusions that can be drawn from the ongoing global Grip, namely the gradual but fast decline of the US Atlantic Empire in front of the arising or the come-back of two rival powers to begin with. Economically, China has become number one in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reckoned in PPP (Parity Purchasing Power) some years ago, as well as the “Factory of the Planet”: by the way, 80% of the medicines produced in the World are “made in China”. Last but not least, the OBOR project (One Belt One Road) referred to as the “Silk Road” is for Peking “the Great National Strategy for the Century”, reflecting the ambition to propose to the World a counter-balance to the “Greater Middle East” of George W. Bush…

Militarily, and according to many standards, US seem to have been outclassed by Russia with regard to nuclear, ballistics, Navy and Aeronautics, telecommunications high technology. Moreover one can say that Moscow has become the referring political and diplomatic power, not only where it used to be influential, but in many regions, including in well known US backyards (Middle East, Africa, Latin America).

Even more impressive is the loss by the US of their moral, intellectual and ideological power. Legacy from World War 2 and imposed on the “Free World” in the framework of the struggle against communism, this US magisterium had overcome the whole “international community” in the aftermath of the unexpected implosion of USSR, but the coronavirus will have ruined this stereotype of America and Europe. Most countries, even unexpected ones, have fetched assistance from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (China, Russia, Asian partners) but also from Cuba.

Therefore, the Coronavirus episode is doubtlessly and straightly connected with the battle raging between the US flanked by its allies, and the block headed by Russia and China, gathering the Asian partners above mentioned. What is at stake? The World leadership…

The American dream at all costs

Just as Zbigniew Brzezinski (who died recently), Kissinger is one of those prominent “advisers” who survive the alternations and turbulences of the spoils-system, thus becoming permanent references. Whispering in the ear of all the presidents since the seventies, he symbolizes this continuity of the US foreign policy, inspired by the neoconservative messianism, and the total faith in the American natural supremacy. Kissinger served as Secretary of State and National Security Adviser under Presidents Nixon and Gerald Ford. He accessed to celebrity in 1973 at the occasion of the arabo-israeli Ramadan War, promoting an innovative “shuttle diplomacy” between Damascus, Cairo and Tel-Aviv in order to reach cease-fire agreements. Praised to the skies for being a peacemaker, “Dear Henry” succeeded to conceal that he had played in the meantime a leading role in bombing campaigns (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), inspiring violent regime-change operations in Argentina and Chile and supporting horrible anti-communist repression in Indonesia.

In 1974 he presented to President Gerald Ford a comprehensive study on the population of the World and its evolution up to 2070, expressing his concern about the high level of world birth rate increase, the disparities between developing and industrialized countries, the discrepancy between developmental needs and demographic pressure in poorer societies, suggesting that “dramatic events” could happen just in time to solve the problem (sic). The paper remained unpublished until 1989. Kissinger was a confident or spokesman for Rockefeller and G. Soros. He got acquainted with the inevitable Bill Gates and inspired his projects. Those good guys are apparently well-intentioned, but they have never concealed their purpose: their Health Programs supposed to “eradicate poverty” are to some extent ambiguous, involving some eugenicist concepts and perverse technical tricks under the cover of Welfare. The guidelines can be read as follows: taking into account the limited potential of earth resources, a small elite of intelligent “happy few” could easily have a much longer life (Kissinger is 97 while life-expectancy in the Rockefeller’s family is over 100 years) and enjoy more welfare in the frame of a world population reduced to its minimum level (sic), if you see what he means.

The noble concept is the devotion to the needs of populations and the welfare of mankind….Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and his foundation could be the financial fountain of universal vaccination firstly in Africa, usual experimental field for West activist “witches”, with the dream of launching this worldwide operation in the aftermath of the “containment”. Bill and his wife Melinda are warm supporters of Kissinger’s thesis, a position widespread among the “Rich Men” (cf.supra): World Economic Forum, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgen, etc….

The notion of pandemics being used as a drastic opportunity to march towards a “Global World Order” or a “Government of the World” has been integrated in all the CIA and intelligence reports for many years. In this context, was Covid19 just a splendid opportunity or a man-made virus? Some CIA strategic reports in past years (2014) are very instructive in this regard.

Many honest people have doubts about the reality of these ugly rear thoughts. That’s why their attention must be drawn to the mechanisms that have been and are still used by the Atlantic Empire with a view to extend its global dominance, through a noble “democratization” project. (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, etc…).

Come back to the Bad Tricks

It was once upon a time, but it is still today. At Kissinger’s peak of glory,and because the Cold War balance of forces and the right of veto made impossible to pass resolutions according to the sole western views, US and other Atlantic thinkers, experts or leaders were already searching for a mechanism making possible to counter the communist bloc. The first step of this demarche was taken in the late sixties during the so-called “Biafra War” in the newly independent republic of Nigeria, where the richest oil-producing region of the country was the theater for a secession attempt, supported by foreign countries (France and Ivory Coast). This bloody War generated a huge humanitarian crisis attracting foreign western volunteers, including a young medical doctor, Bernard Kouchner, and a lawyer Mario Bettati. The first NGO “Médecins sans Frontières” will be created in the wake of this conflict. The idea was to instrument a new “Humanitarian Law” to by-pass the basic UN principles. It was the “Right of Interference” that won’t be theorized before the late eighties (1987) by the two initiators during a conference on “Morale and Humanitarian Law”. But the context was not suitable.

It got more favorable some years later, with the disintegration of USSR. The new idea was presented again as a “Duty of Interference”, that was to change to a “Duty To Protect” before being crystallized into a terminology in tune with the times: the “Responsibility To Protect” (R2P)was presented as a subsidiary responsibility of the “international community” reduced in fact to the three western permanent members of the Security Council (US, UK and France) and some like-minded countries on occasions. This demarche was of course in contradiction with the international law, since it limited, for the sake of globalization, the reach of the “westphalian” principles of the UN charter (equal sovereignty of the States and non-interference). But the World was entering a new era, the dissolution of the communist bloc paving the way for the US neocons determined to impose the United States as the Ruler of the World.

If you leaf through the pages of a “Book of Tricks” of the Axis of Good, you won’t need to go very far to drive out one of the favorite stratagems of the “Indispensable Nation” which had undertaken to “annex” the World, no more no less. The technique consisted of waving a noble concept in order to reach a shameful goal. Of course, this trick is old as imperialism, but “the most powerful Empire that ever existed on the earth” couldn’t poison international life as it wished until 1991. But in the following years, boosted by the divine surprise above-mentioned, America would catch up. The “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) would be this “noble pretext” selected to render acceptable the crazy adventure of “democratization” without any significant resistance of an “international community” deeply shocked by the political earthquake. As it is well known, this “false flag” has been used for thirty years (until today) to cover interferences in order to destabilize the regimes of concern”: “Rogue States” if they support terrorism, detain Arms of Mass Destruction and violate International Law, or “Failed States” if they are accused of not fulfilling their duties, the “international community” (US and allies) thus being entrusted to intervene in order to “protect the people”.

After a running period, George W. Bush, under the pressure of fanatics inspired by the Zionist neoconservative doctrine (Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Donald Rumsfeld, etc…), will engage the World in “an endless war on terror” against interchangeable enemies. In February 2004, he will introduce his « Greater Middle East » project (published on 13/02/2004 by Al Hayat newspaper): the plan was about reforming, bringing democratization, security, and above all “liberalizing” the “Muslim Green Belt” from Mauritania to Pakistan. In fact, it had nothing to do with democracy, but aimed at taking control of the natural resources, besieging Russia and marginalizing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After the destruction of the Iraqi State, “Democratization » ought to make the region more “receptive” to American wishes and « friendlier » to Israel.

Anyway, the ancestors of our Bill Gates and Co Globalists had the dream to get the UN to shoulder the “Responsibility To Protect” so as to integrate it into the Charter, thus opening the way to military actions for “humanitarian reasons”. They needed the blessing of the Council, which was theoretically an impossible task. Guardian of the international law and guarantor of the UN principles, the Council plays the main role in the field of peace-keeping and That’s whyfor years,security. He has the monopole in conflicts and crises settlement. even though recognized by the General Assembly in 2005/2006 about Darfour, the R2P will just remain a casual reference.

In March 2011, the R2P will be invoked again, with a view to engage in Libya the well-known “humanitarian” operation that will result in tens of thousands of victims and destroy the country. Russia and China will realize – but too late – that they had been fooled by their western “partners”. Consequently, in October 2011, after Kadhafi’s murder, Moscow and Peking will use for the first time (after twenty years of prudent abstention) their veto to bar any intervention in Syria, apparently closing the road to R2P based resolutions.

From the New Middle East to the New Global Order

2011was a turning-point in the post-Cold War “American Century” and a partial stop to the global dominance of the US, opening a challenging period of contest, not on an ideological basis as it had been during the East-West conflict, but between US unilateralism and supporters of a multilateralism to come.

There is nothing new in the “New Global Order”, which is to the World what the “international community” used to be years ago: three Atlantic permanent members of the Security Council and like-minded countries talking on behalf and in the name of the United Nations. Obviously, the project is nothing else than a new version of the strategy aiming at the maintenance of the US hegemony on the World.

To get convinced, so try to find in the starring list of the initiators and leading figures involved in this “World Government Project” any non-western, non anglo-saxon “Big Man”? The sole exception is Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian doctor with a british training background, Director General of the World Health Organization, coming under World Health Assembly (a part of the UN network), widely in the clutches of the lobbies. As for the rest, the “World Government” network is intricate and compact: GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and immunization), World Economic Forum, World Bank, UNICEF, pharmaceutical corporations, Gates Foundation, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). Most of those structures are turning around Bill Gates and thepublic figures already cited, and under the supervision of Agenda ID2020, initiated by the Gates Foundation. We should not forget to mention Neil Ferguson, the guru of the London Imperial College, a member of the “Covid 19 Response Team” comprising 50 scientists linked to the WHO. Ferguson was the promoter of the “Total Lockdown”, propagating apocalyptic reports which convinced the UK and US governments and (according to the New York Times) the French president, in spite of many disputable predictions forecasting hundreds of thousands or millions of victims, in absence of any total containment.

Just replace some words in the “toxic” coverage : democratization with Global Welfare, “Responsibility to Protect” with Health Security, vaccination and immunizationInternational community with Global World Order, and endless War on terror with endless War on pandemics, and you will perceive the continuity of the western project of dominance.

And so what?

If it is carried out, this world-scale operation (ID 2020), carefully planned in the United States at mid-october 2019 by a numeric simulation of coronavirus, would realize a new razzia led by the West under the pressure of the so-called “Big Pharma” lobby and the guidance of powerful sectors of the American “Deep State”. If it were successful, it would bring back to some extent the geopolitical balance to the situation that prevailed ten years ago. But there is noinevitability in the success of Bill Gates and Co, whose projects are coming within the scope of a global hegemony. For the strategists, intellectuals and zealous followers of Westernism, as well as for some UN institutions, traditional go-between for US plans, there is no room for another prospect than a “New American Century”. But they are probably wrong. The Atlantic Empire has lost its global supremacy. This shift in the balance from the West to Eurasia is observed by all analysts. It is hard for Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton and Co, but also for the supporters of Gates, Soros and Rockefeller to admit that the nightmare is coming true.

One of the possible options, feared by many, is a gradual evolution towards a totalitarian system spreading all over the World. But it is hardly conceivable. Completely outdated, the Westernism dream implies that Russia and China would accept nowadays, in the new international order, any kind of transnational Gates-style vaccination and/or a Global Government suiting Kissinger’s views. Russia emerged as born again on the ruins of USSR, while China carries on its irresistible ascent on the Great Game Chessboard. It doesn’t mean that the future will be a paradise on earth. It depends of course on the real visions of the forthcoming leadership, but even more on the strength of popular aspirations. This is the main stake of the crisis.

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