The number of new Texas COVID cases has dropped to record lows on the year in the weeks since the state moved to scrap mask mandates, despite hysterical warnings from mainstream media and the Biden regime that ditching the masks would result in mass casualties.

Newly released figures show the number of new Texas COVID cases has fallen from an all time high of over 30,000 in January of this year, to well under 10,000 by the final week of March.

According to graphs charting CDC data, the state’s number of new COVID cases skyrocketed from late fall to early winter, despite coinciding with vaccine rollouts and widespread enforcement of corporate-sponsored and government-mandated masking requirements.

NEW: 3 weeks since Texas lifted their mask mandate, the 7 day average in cases is the lowest it’s been since June

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) April 4, 2021

Following the state’s move to end state-enforced mask mandates, those numbers began to decrease dramatically. Additionally, the Governor moved to allow businesses to operate at 100% capacity, stimulating a hard-hit economy while, contrary to the insistence of the Democrat-Media Complex, keeping Texans healthy and safe.

Texas is one of a handful of states to have scrapped mask mandates, and legislators nationwide are pushing their states to add their names to the list as frustration surrounding the mandates continues to grow and scientific studies continue to counter the insistence that masks are necessary to stop the spread of COVID.

As previously reported by National File, lawmakers in Idaho have mulled banning mask mandates in the state. Schoolchildren rallied in support of the effort outside the State Capitol, burning masks in protest of the mandates.

In Kansas, lawmakers overturned a mask mandate signed by Governor Laura Kelly immediately upon her signing, while in Florida, beaches and boardwalks have become jam packed, with Governor Ron DeSantis championing the scrapping of mask mandates nationwide. Additionally, a DeSantis-signed executive order prohibits localities from assessing fines to individuals caught violating local mask ordinances.

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