Big Pharma in cahoots with Big Media and Big Government want a known COVID-19 cure suppressed.

Why? Because an effective treatment is readily available, cheap, and if widely used to treat the disease or taken prophylactically to prevent it, Big Pharma’s aim to cash in big from harmful to human health mass-vaxxing will fail.

A potential multi-billion dollar market potential is at stake, a prize Big Pharma profiteers don’t want to lose — aided and abetted by government officials and establishment media.

A campaign is underway — — to manipulate the public mind with fake news about vaccines in development that are likely to be available in the coming months.

Suppressing potential hazards to human health from mass-vaxxing, information about a safe and effective COVID-19 cure is suppressed.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc is highly effective.

HCQ has been around for decades. It’s widely available in generic form, cheap, and safe when used early after COVID-19 infection is diagnosed.

Emergency care physician Simone Gold MD founded America’s Frontline Doctors.

She was fired after appearing with other HCQ truth-telling physician members of the group by video in a White Coat Summit that went viral — explaining the drug’s effectiveness.

On August 2, she tweeted:

“After our press conference (via video), I was defamed by the media, censored by social media companies, terminated from employment, and viciously attacked, all for advocating for the right of physicians to prescribe what they believe is best for their patients.”

She and other White Coat Summit doctors explained HCQ’s effectiveness based on their own experience in using it to treat COVID-19 patients.

By video, Gold said

“(w)e’re here because we feel as though the American people have not heard from all the expertise that’s out there, all across our country.”

“We’re America’s Frontline Doctors…here only to help American patients, and the American nation.”

White Coat Summit participant Dr. Stella Immanuel’s remarks were dramatic and important for everyone to know, saying the following:

“Any study that says hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work is fake science.”

“…I want them to show me how it doesn’t work. How is it going to work for 350 patients for me, and they are all alive, and then somebody says it doesn’t work?”

“These so-called (establishment media promoted) studies (are) fake science.”

She and other White Coat Summit participating physicians debunked what they called a “massive disinformation campaign” against safe and effective HCQ in favor of hazardous to human health mass-vaxxing.

Immanuel explained that she had 100% success in treating 350 COVID-19 patients by using HCQ combined with azithromycin and zinc.

She slammed politicians for trying to prevent doctors from being doctors, free to treat patients with medications known to work.

She criticized doctors fearful of going against recommended medical establishment practices, saying:

“You’re like the ‘good’ Nazis, the ‘good’ Germans, who watched Jews get killed and didn’t speak up.”

She and other doctors she knows are taking HCQ prophylactically.

Despite being in direct contact with COVID-19 ill patients regularly, none contracted the disease.

After going viral, the video by America’s Frontline Doctors was suppressed by You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Google — in cahoots with Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Media that are promoting mass-vaxxing.

After debunking HCQ’s effectiveness in May, the Lancet published a retraction of its report that falsely claimed the drug is ineffective and risks death for users, saying:

“Based on (new information and dubious research methodology), we can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources. Due to this unfortunate development, the authors request that the paper be retracted.”

“We deeply apologize to you, the editors, and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused.”

Data cited by the Lancet initially came from non-peer-reviewed for accuracy Surgisphere Corporation misinformation.

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID) published results experienced by southeast Michigan’s Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) — comprised of six hospitals, including in Detroit.

IJID reported the following:

“The results of this study demonstrate that in a strictly monitored protocol-driven in-hospital setting, treatment with hydroxychloroquine alone and hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin was associated with a significant reduction in mortality among patients hospitalized with COVID-19.”

Early-stage treatment is highly effective. Later-stage treatment is less effective but still beneficial to most patients.

Patients treated with HCQ or azithromycin alone “had the highest cumulative hazard”— why combining them is essential.

IJID stressed that study results show that HCQ and azithromycin “may have an important role to play in reducing COVID-19 mortality.”

Big Media are heavily involved in debunking HCQ, while indefensibly promoting mass-vaxxing.

In mid-June, the NYT headlined: “What to Know About the Malaria Drug (HCQ) Trump Says He Is Using,” saying the following:

“Here are the facts (sic) on hydroxychloroquine, which the president has promoted to fight Covid-19 despite warnings from the FDA that it can cause heart problems (sic).”

“(S)tudies of hydroxychloroquine have found that it failed to prevent or treat influenza and other viral illnesses (sic).”

Studies that claim HCQ is effective “were small and did not use proper control groups (sic).” They were “discredited (sic).”

“There is no evidence that hydroxychloroquine can prevent coronavirus infection (sic).”

The NYT report was fake news, similar reports republished by other establishment media.

In mid-July, the Washington Post falsely claimed that HCQ “studies show the drug is not effective for early treatment of mild covid-19 (sic),” adding:

“(R)andomized trials found the drug didn’t reduce severity of symptoms among outpatients (sic).”

The Wall Street Journal published the same disinformation, falsely claiming HCQ is ineffective in treating COVID-19.

In late July, CNN falsely claimed that “the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine does not help Covid-19 patients (sic).”

The WHO, FDA, and NIH falsely claimed HCQ is ineffective in treating or preventing COVID-19.

The WHO claimed “interim trial results show(ed) that (HCQ) produce(d) little or no reduction in mortality of hospitalized COVID-19 patients when compared to standard of care (sic).”

The FDA “caution(ed) against the use of” HCQ or chloroquine for COVID-19… due to risk of heart rhythm problems (sic).”

In late June, the NIH halted a clinical trial of HCQ, falsely claiming it “provides no benefit…to hospitalized patients with COVID-19 (sic).”

In late June, Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing reported the following:

“Currently there is no specific antiviral treatment for COVID-19 (sic),” adding:

“The jury is still out regarding whether (HCQ and azithromycin),  alone or in combination, can treat COVID-19 viral infection (sic).”

“(R)esults of a clinical trial…published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that it did not prevent infection (sic).”

“However, how this study was conducted has been questioned by some experts.”

“Where does that leave us? The recommendation has not changed.”

“Chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine with or without azithromycin should not be used to prevent or treat COVID-19 infection (sic) unless it is being prescribed in the hospital or as part of a clinical trial.”

Ahead of the likely rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in the coming months, a full-court press blitzkrieg promoting their use will likely precede their availability.

At the same time, demeaning HCQ continues, a campaign of lies and deception to denigrate what’s effective in treating COVID-19 when used as directed.

Trust reliable alternative media reports on this and other issues.

Ignore establishment media managed news misinformation and disinformation.

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Award-winning author Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at [email protected]. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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