People are losing their damn minds over masks. This story would be ridiculous if we were at day two after fifteen days to flatten the curve as opposed to day three hundred and sixty-five. Starbucks has been known to push its politics on customers. If you’re a police officer, you may want to go to Dunkin’ Donuts instead. It’s not surprising to see Starbucks refuse service to someone not wearing a mask. Where this ballad of Alison Wonderland gets silly is that Starbucks demanded that she wear a mask outside the store.

In the drive-thru.

While she was sitting in her car.

Even knowing this takes place in Los Angeles, the lack of sense made here should be marveled at and studied.

Before we go further, I invite everyone to review the CDC guidelines on masks. Hi, Facebook! There are two key points here once you’re done rolling your eyes out of your socket at the barista.

Let’s first count the ways this store policy is ridiculous. The customer is outside. The customer is in her car. The customer already placed her order. The barista will hand the customer a mask, yet NOT HER BEVERAGE that has ALREADY BEEN MADE. I’ll assume the mask in question was individually wrapped because otherwise handing the customer a mask would render the mask useless. The barista will take the customer’s germ-ridden cash, yet claim she needs to wear a mask while doing so. Also, IF the customer had the ‘rona as Starbucks seems worried about, increasing the interaction with this ridiculousness just increases the Barista’s exposure. Who, you would assume is already exposed, since I doubt they could go an entire afternoon shift without touching their own mask. Which, if you review the CDC guidelines, makes their mask useless.

The second thing is to notice what happened when the customer refused. Nothing. The end result was her being sold the drink and going on her merry way. Only with fresh content to mock and ridicule Starbucks with. It’s been a year plus fifteen days to “flatten the curve.” Just say no. Worst-case scenario, you just don’t get your iced mochaccino.

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