“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

Are you too waiting for the second wave?

What type of waves are we talking about?

Your eyes are riveted perhaps on a multifaceted agent called Covid-19 [1] and you hear that this agent will be coming back every year, or even several times a year.

Personally, I am more afraid of waves of panic, and downpours of fears and lies inflicted on us every year, even several times a year.

Your minds are fed with various of fears and contradictory measures, sometimes as absurd as forcing thirteen-year-old children to wear face masks.

It is not surprising that people of all walks of life, nationalities and cultures are starting to lose faith in what they are told.

We hear ad nauseam the alternative voices being called ‘conspirational’ by the ‘official’ commercially sponsored media.

Among those accused of promoting ‘conspiracy theories’, we find university professors, serious scientists, level-headed researchers and highly qualified doctors.

These persons have a proven track record of seriously done work.

They are reliable. They can be trusted.

In fact, as soon as you deviate even so slightly from the official line, you are called a conspiratorialist spreader of dangerous disinformation, a conspiracy theorist, or more simply, an unreasonable person. Yes, idiot.

Fortunately, despite the insistence coming from some quarters to discredit any alternative to the official discourse, the people themselves are waking up. Citizens feel that something is amiss, and they are more and more losing confidence in the narrative of the ‘Ministry of Truth’.

Lie # 1: Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work

Lie # 2: Hydroxychloroquine is too dangerous

Some countries use it with good results and without major side effects.

In countries where prescriptions have been banned outside hospitals, such as in France andBelgium, some field doctors have “disobeyed” and done what they thought was right, with good results and without major side effects.

Just imagine!

Qualified, experienced doctors, normally responsible and free to prescribe, prohibited from doing their job!

I refer you to my previous article (in French): Covid-19: And what now?  ( Covid-19: Et maintenant?)

Beyond the controversy over the scientific merits of giving an inexpensive drug (that has been known and prescribed in huge amounts for more than 70 years) to infected and symptomatic people or people at risk (caregivers, residents of nursing homes or hospital patients), in a specific setting (cardiac monitoring, compliance with contraindications, dosages, earliness) and this without waiting a year or more for a “gold standard double blind randomized clinical control trial” which hasn’t even been scheduled yet, my question is:

Do the authorities, helped by the media, want to take away all hope from the people?

Any hope that could overshadow expensive, unknown and very profitable treatments for merchants who infiltrate all governments and health institutions, especially in France and Belgium [See my article: Covid-19: Check the Source of your Information!  War against…  Corruption?], but also throughout Europe, worldwide [Politics and Corruption at the World Health Organization (WHO …].

Let us be clear: any new vaccine, although it can bring huge benefits to the vaccine industry, is potentially dangerous for the vaccinated.

Any new drug is potentially dangerous, and for some, they are very expensive, especially those ending in –ab [2-3] and in -ir, like Remdesivir which already does a lot of good for the finances of the Gilead firm [4] despite proof of its ineffectiveness, as stated in the Economic Times site, on Apr 23 2020 [5].

These molecules are even more risky if they are prepared under special emergency authorizations, in haste, without respecting the standard steps of marketing authorization that every drug must follow, according to the very same rigorous procedures that university establishment requests loud and clear for hydroxychloroquine, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc…   maybe the next will be H2O…

Lie # 3: Do not look to food supplements such as ZINC, Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Let me make it simple so that everyone understands.

Our best ally against any aggressive pathogen, or any infection, is our immune system.

It is not the masks, the physical distance, nor the vaccines, but first and foremost our immune system in perfect good working order that will protect us.

Our immune system!

By analogy, this system is like the defense of a country, with its borders, its soldiers, its planes, its radars, its armored vehicles, its artillery, its snipers …

For all of the following statements, please refer to the footnotes.

Zinc [6], vitamin D [7], vitamin C are all three essential elements of our immune defense system.

These are ammunition, missiles, gasoline and body armor when you go to war.

Now read the following carefully:

Our Health Authorities know this well.

For Zinc in particular, this deficiency affects populations precisely at risk of developing a serious form of COVID-19 (leading to intensive care, and death): the obese, diabetics and the elderly [9].

Not to supplement these populations in zinc, today, it would be like sending the soldiers of an army to go to the front without ammunition for their rifles, without gasoline in their armored vehicles.

In addition, intense and prolonged confinement resulted in under-exposure to the sun and lack of sunlight is aggravating the deficit of vitamin D, which is otherwise produced in the skin under the effect of by the sun’s rays. Sunlight also kills viruses in minutes, yet they tell us to hunker indoors.

What is more, such an excessive and prolonged lock-down has brought about a dropin physical activity and phenomenal level of stress, thus further diminishing the effectiveness of our immune systems [10-11], even more than it was before.

Findings from the outset!

Findings from research provide solid grounds for giving supplements of these three elements, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D to help the immune system fight coronavirus infections [12].

Side effects from these three time-tested nutrients are rare, and are easy for general practitioners to control [Read: It Is Not Only the COVID-19 Virus that Is Dangerous. It Is How Our …  ].

But, as expected, here in Belgium the Health Authorities disapprove of these potential natural treatments.

“No multi-center, double-blind, peer-reviewed studies. ”

“There is no clinical evidence. ”

Always the same screeds repeated ad nauseum to disqualify these inexpensive therapeutic avenues, devoid of side effects but that they are very unprofitable for anyone, except for the patient.

Above all, it is clinical common sense to admit that there is value in using these substances for any infectious disease and for COVID-19 more specifically, and also to trust general practitioners who know their job.

Lie # 4: “COVID-19” deaths are all due to “COVID-19”.


This may be the hardest thing to believe.

However, no, the “COVID-19” counted deaths did not all die from the “COVID-19”.

Many reliable testimonies bear witness to the fact that the dead labelled “COVID-19” have not all died from that cause.

Especially in the old-peoples nursing homes that were under an authoritarian lock-down like in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy.

Thousands of frail and elderly people have died of loneliness, stress, physical inactivity, deficiencies in zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, inability to move to eat and drink and receive love from their closest ones.

With or without COVID-19.

Thousands of people may have died or may have had to be hospitalized, threatened with the use of damaging respiratory ventilators, because they could not be treated by their general practitioners with drugs such as hydroxychloroquine.

Looking back at what was done with the benefit of perspective, could it even be that a large scale, planned euthanasia has been presented as the covid-19 pandemia?

I could have gone on listing the many more lies.

Other whistleblowers are doing that, and this story is not over.

For instead of this unleashed ocean of fears and lies, I suggest that we substitute it with a peaceful ocean of calm and common sense.

More and more people are starting to realize that something is wrong.

There will be a demand for accountability.  We will need to confine the mad captains that led us astray to these troubled waters to their cabins and take back control of our bodies and our minds.


I have good hope we shall.

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Dr Pascal Sacré is an Anesthesiologist-Intensivist in Belgium.

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In infectious context, most humans should take zinc, because zinc is an essentiel component of many physiologic parameters, notably the immune system.

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Vitamine D deficiency:

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Vitamin D is in a way a marker of good health and a marker of the evolution of our society

Globally, an estimated one billion people are said to have such a deficit. In Western countries, more than 40% of the population over 50 years of age are said to be in deficit. In Europe, a study has shown that 80% of older people have 25 (OH) D levels below 30 ng / ml.

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Basic healthy solutions such as Vitamin D supplementation could be raised even in the community level and awareness on Vitamin D benefits in fighting infections, such as COVID-19, should be disseminated especially to the vulnerable elderly population.

Vitamin D Supplementation Could Possibly Improve Clinical Outcomes of Patients Infected with Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19)

The results suggest that an increase in serum 25(OH) D level in the body could either improve clinical outcomes or mitigate worst (severe to critical) outcomes, while a decrease in serum 25(OH) D level in the body could worsen clinical outcomes of COVID-2019 patients.

Featured image: Healthcare workers were registered Wednesday when they performed rapid coronavirus tests on citizens in their cars, enabled by the government of Brasilia, Brazil. April 22, 2020. | Photo: EFE

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