Chungha has recently opened up about her mental health.

On the most recent episode of the reality entertainment show “On & Off,” Chungha revealed her daily routine while she rests at home. During the day, Chungha’s therapist came to visit for a session and the two began talking about why she began receiving therapy with the therapist pointing out she’s had a difficult time because of COVID-19.

 Chungha explained,

“I was the first celebrity to get tested positive that’s when the reports were released. To be honest, I feel like it’s my fault because the staff went out because of me.

I think it would’ve been less hard if the articles weren’t released. I felt that the story was made bigger because I was a public figure.

I prayed it would end with me, and luckily, it did, no one around me got it. I wanted the virus to end with me in the entertainment industry.”

Chungha further elaborated that she began therapy due to the built up frustration inside her, she felt that therapy would help her get some relief, to the camera she explained,

“There are ways to get better, such as using medication but I wanted to look deeper inside me, so I started therapy a year ago.”

Chungha also told the fellow celebrities that she’s gotten a lot better since then and its been a year since she’s taken it.

You can check out the full broadcast below:

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