It didn’t take very long for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest sex-harassment controversy to make the leap into the nation’s popular culture — just hours after news broke of a second accuser, he was being mocked on Saturday Night Live.

Cast member Pete Davidson took his best shot while portraying Cuomo in a cold open skit in which governors vied for coronavirus vaccines in a game-show setting.

“Nice bodies, some of you,” Davidson’s Cuomo cracked while scanning the audience.

When some in the audience groaned, Davidson continued, “I know. I’m in the friggin’ dog house again.

“Remember when your favorite movie was my power points?” Davidson as Cuomo continued, waxing nostalgiac.

“Remember, ‘Today is Tuesday?’” the fake gov added, moving his arms as if gesturing to a screen during one of Cuomo’s popular daily coronavirus updates from the height of last year’s surge.

“When can we go back to that?” Davidson demanded before repeating a common Cuomo-ism: “I mean, come on!”

“Should be a recurring segment every snl,” one fan, @Sammain16, noted, tweeting a clip of Davidson that was already a gif and well on its way to memedom.

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