Monica Young, a teacher in Sydney, Australia, allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old student after she pleaded with him over Snapchat to send naked pictures of himself, The Sun reports.

Sydney authorities have slammed Monica Young, 23, with multiple charges of aggravated sexual intercourse with the boy while she was his teacher. She also allegedly sent images of her genitalia to him over Snapchat.

The disgraced teacher, Monica Young, has pleaded not guilty to all 12 charges in the Sydney court that will decide her fate.

At a recent hearing, Judge Kate Traill indicated that the court will hear pre-recorded testimony from the alleged victim at a trial to be held later this year.

Two further witnesses will also give evidence it was heard.

Sydney teacher Monica Young to stand trial over student sex allegations

Monica Young has retained the services of the high-profile Sydney defense attorney Margaret Cuneen. The former crown prosecutor is expected to put up an aggressive defense in an attempt to get the teacher off the hook.

Cuneen made a name for herself prosecuting big-ticket pedophile, gang rape and murder cases. But now she’s switched to the other team and has hung up a defense shingle in private practice.

Monica Young was arrested at her home in Greenacre, which lies just southwest of Sydney, on July 10. The teacher is alleged to have committed the offenses for which she was charged between June 24 and July 3. reports that the court previously heard that Young allegedly sent the teenage boy a Snapchat message in which she showed herself lying in a bed and wrote, “I’m waiting for you.”

Ms Young spent a month in custody on remand after her arrest in July last year amid allegations she allegedly assaulted the boy.

Sydney teacher Monica Young to stand trial over student sex allegations

Monica Young’s trial for what she allegedly did to the Sydney boy while she was his teacher is expected to last for five days.

At the recent hearing, the judge adjusted the conditions of Young’s bail. Her house arrest has been lifted, but with considerable conditions.

Monica Young still must remain at home between 8pm and 8am, and she may only leave during the days if accompanied by her mother, father or grandmother. The disgraced teacher must also check in with the Sydney police once each day.

The Daily Mail reported in October that when the Sydney judge first placed Monica Young under house arrest, her parents begged for leniency so that the teacher could accompany them on a five-day vacation they had already planned.

The family appeared in Burwood Local Court on Wednesday to beg Magistrate Susan Horan to let the accused paedophile come along.

EXCLUSIVE: Female geography teacher, 23, accused of repeatedly having sex with her 14-year-old student begs court to let her out of house arrest so she can go on a family holiday

Horan dismissed the Sydney family’s desperate attempts to keep to their vacation plans and held firm on giving Monica Young house arrest for her alleged misdeeds as a teacher.

“The defendant engaged in risk-taking behavior, sometimes in proximity to students and serious lack of judgement,” the magistrate insisted. “The Supreme Court imposed strict bail conditions for good reason. The risks are not mitigated [by the defence’s submissions] and would allow her freer movement.”

The Herald Sun reports that Monica Young uttered the words “not guilty” 12 times at the hearing where she was charged with heinous acts of immorality while working as a teacher. 

Her matter will be mentioned in court next month before her September trial.

Sydney teacher Monica Young to stand trial over student sex allegations

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