An Australian OnlyFans star and model is speaking out on harassment she’s receiving for complaining about hotel quarantine with her tennis star boyfriend.

According to The Sun, OnlyFans star and model Vanessa Sierra has been quarantined with her boyfriend, Aussie tennis player Bernard Tomic in a Melbourne hotel ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament.

“Never thought I’d wake up to 500 death threats and hate after poking fun at myself about my hair,” Sierra said of the response to her complaint she wasn’t able to get her hair professionally washed while in isolation.

Sierra then said the trolls were intentionally taking her out of context to attack her.

VANESSA SIERRA has hit back at the negative reaction to her quarantine hair washing video – which she claims led to 500 death threats.

Bernard Tomic’s OnlyFans star girlfriend Vanessa Sierra claims she received 500 death threats after quarantine rant

The Australian OnlyFans star and model also took aim at critics in the “mainstream media” in her response to the harassing messages.

“It’s easy to take something out of context when you take two sentences out of a ten-minute vlog, and throw it in a negative news story on mainstream media amidst tennis player complaints about their mandatory quarantine,” she said.

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“You guys are the true definitions of class clowns on a witch hunt and if I want to laugh about how bad my hair is in quarantine I unapologetically will. Have a cry,” the former reality star added, according to The Daily Mail.

Other tennis stars like Novak Djokovic have taken aim at the strict quarantines demanded of them ahead of the Open.

Bernard’s successful qualification for the Australian Open – which will take place in Melbourne on February 8 – comes after he beat fellow Aussie John-Patrick Smith in his third and final qualifying match in Doha.  

OnlyFans model Vanessa Sierra hits back after she’s trolled for making negative comments about the food at the luxury Qatar hotel where she’s in quarantine with Bernard Tomic

According to The Daily Caller, the model also complained about the quality of the food she was getting while stuck in hotel quarantine.

“I even said that I don’t mind the food situation in quarantine,” Sierra said in her response video.

“Didn’t realize how many idiots are in this world, but thank you to all my amazing supporters who still have my back through this.”

In the meantime, local officials aren’t budging on strict quarantine requirements for tennis stars amid a resurgence of coronavirus in Australia.

In all seriousness, death threats are obviously not okay over a viral video complaining about quarantine. Let’s get real, folks.

OnlyFans Star Vanessa Sierra Says She’s Getting Death Threats After Viral Quarantine Complaints

This is not the first brush with controversy from the Australian OnlyFans star model, reported.

Sierra first made a name for herself on the Australian edition of the popular reality show “Love Island.” She was eventually booted off the show and soon after launched an OnlyFans account — selling explicit photos and videos to her ‘fans’ on the site.

Eventually Sierra claimed in June 2020 she had made it into the top 0.01% of all creators using the platform.

Last month, she suffered a setback when her main Instagram account used for promoting her OnlyFans business was shut down for violating the site’s terms of service. “Vanessa is posting sexy snaps on her ‘backup’ account, posing in skimpy bikinis and tiny hot pants,” wrote.

The 26-year-old’s first foray into fame came from her stint on popular dating show, Love Island Australia, in 2019.

Who is Vanessa Sierra, OnlyFans star and Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend

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