A Georgia couple on a high-speed car chase with cops tried to hide their weed by actually eating it, authorities said.

Passenger Brian Turner, 22, allegedly ate a bag of pot and driver Whitney Bailey, 23, allegedly hid marijuana in a “body cavity” during the chase in Carrollton Sunday night, WAGA-TV reported.

The chase began when the owner of a Nissan sedan reported he loaned the car to Bailey but she refused to return it.

Cops tracked Bailey in the stolen car and stopped her when they boxed her in.

Officers approached the car and found Turner sitting in the passenger seat with marijuana in his mouth and on his clothes, cops said.

Police say Bailey stuffed the pot in her body but didn’t reveal where, the station reported.

She was taken to a hospital to remove the marijuana from her body.

Bailey has been charged with theft, eluding an officer, and reckless driving. Turner has been charged with theft and obstruction of law enforcement officers, according to online records from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

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