A Louisiana woman was arrested after mailing private nude images of a male acquaintance to more than two dozen people, authorities said.

Sarah Pharis, 32, allegedly drove to Texas to send the photos, along with “degrading letters” about her victim, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office said Friday.

“A number of different people contacted him and said, ‘Hey, we received something through the mail and it has photographs of you,’” Chief Deputy Stitch Guillory told local outlet Fox29.

The victim, who wasn’t publicly identified, told the outlet that Pharis sent out hundreds of pictures of him in lewd acts, along with “strongly-worded letters defaming him,” the report said.

He said Pharis got her hands on the images through his Facebook, which she was able to access because she created the account for him years ago.

Their relationship wasn’t clear, but the station described Pharis and the victim as “colleagues.”

Some of the images also featured another person, the sheriff’s office said.

Pharis was first taken into custody on Dec. 28, when investigators first learned of the letters, and released on $75,000 bond that same day.

She was arrested again on Thursday after investigators found out that the other person’s private photos were also included in the letters.

Pharis, who is out on $15,000 bond in the second arrest, faces 180 counts of non-consensual disclosure of a private image.

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