A Brazilian-born Instagram model in Australia has turned to OnlyFans in a bid to make money while she is stuck in a quarantine lockdown at an Aussie hotel.

According to the Daily Mail, Instagram and now OnlyFans model Leila Burate, 27, will call the Westin Hotel in Brisbane her home for the next two weeks after Queensland Health forced a mandatory quarantine to slow the spread of coronavirus.

“I created an OnlyFans page on January 3, early in my first time in quarantine,” she told Daily Mail Australia. 

“I haven’t been able to work in Australia since May last year due to Covid, I have to do something.”

“My partner Fabian is supportive of me doing it, we discussed it.”

Glamorous traveller who whinged about not having a balcony to TAN on when her hotel quarantine stay was extended turns to OnlyFans to make money and avoid depression

The Instagram and OnlyFans quarantine model said she poses in risqué lingerie as well as in the buff for subscribers to the online service.

OnlyFans is a subscription based platform where “fans” pay for content from top producers, and the platform is popular with independent adult models.

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Burate claims she is in the top 2.6% on the website, with more fans subscribing each day.

According to The Gold Coast Bulletin, Burate was born in Brazil but is a permanent resident of Australia living in the Gold Coast.

Ms Burate was a resident on the seventh floor of the Hotel Grand Chancellor, where six people contracted the B.1.1.7 strain of COVID-19.

Hotel Grand Chancellor mutant UK COVID drama: Only Fans only option

To add insult to injury, the OnlyFans and Instagram model had just finished her mandated two weeks in hotel quarantine after traveling home from Brazil when she was forced into further lockdown.

“We were treated like we were all sick, but I had done two tests in Brazil, both negative and two tests since I had returned. I can’t see why they didn’t let me leave to self-isolate at home,” Burate told the Bulletin.

“I’ve had to set up an Only Fans account so I can make some money because I can’t get a job like I had planned to once I got back to the Gold Coast.”

Burate also noted that her hotel has no balconies and she apparently has no opportunities to get fresh air before her quarantine ends later this month.

“So many others in this hotel with me will be without work for two weeks.”

Desperate X-rated move of Coast woman caught in hotel chaos

According to Sydney Morning Herald affiliate The Brisbane Times, the quarantine currently causing strife for the Instagram and OnlyFans model is the result of an outbreak at the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

Burate was previously quarantined at the hotel, which suffered an outbreak cluster on seventh floor, all patients testing positive for the highly infectious UK strain of coronavirus.

“They don’t yet understand what happened, and we may never understand, but in the meantime, you certainly don’t want to keep people in that situation where they might be at risk of acquiring the infection,” a health official said of moving people to a different hotel in the wake of the outbreak.

“I am not sick, and I want to get out of here,” Burate said of her current digs, noting she only has Netflix and OnlyFans to pass the time.

Authorities will now look for all potential avenues of transmission, from air conditioning, to food, and even flushing toilets

Mystery of the seventh floor: How did the virus spread in hotel quarantine?

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