Congress early Thursday morning certified President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory after two Republican-led challenges to swing state electors were shot down. 

The certification of Biden’s 306 electoral college votes was delayed for hours after lawmakers were forced into lockdown when an angry pro-Trump mob wreaked havoc on the Capitol building Wednesday.

Before confirming Biden’s win, objections to his victories in Arizona and Pennsylvania were brought up — and subsequently squashed — during the joint-session of Congress.

Other planned objections were dropped by several Republican Senators after Wednesday’s unrest. 

The violence at the Capitol resulted in the shooting death of a woman, over 50 arrests and widespread destruction. 

Biden called the chaos “an unprecedented assault unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times,” in a Wednesday address. 

The president-elect also said the lawlessness at the Capitol didn’t represent the “true America” but was instead the work of a “small number of extremists.”

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