The French investigators who arrested the model agency boss linked to Jeffrey Epstein now want to interview Prince Andrew, according to reports.

The charges against Jean-Luc Brunel, 74, include claims that he had sex with Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre — the same woman who has insisted she was also made to have sex with the British royal.

Now Andrew — who has repeatedly been accused of avoiding US investigators — is wanted by officials in France to help the ongoing probe into Epstein, according to The Sun.

“We have issued numerous appeals for witnesses and Prince Andrew is clearly a witness to Epstein’s conduct over many years,” one source told the paper.

“Beyond that Andrew is said to have visited Epstein’s home in Paris and had relations with the victims Brunel is accused of abusing.

“Andrew’s testament is crucial and he could of course be summoned,” the source said.

Andrew, 60, has repeatedly refused to give interviews to US investigators, according to the feds, and his royal status would also create difficulties for the French to summon him, The Sun noted.

Lisa Bloom, a lawyer for an alleged victim of MC2 agency boss Brunel, told the UK paper that the royal was an obvious key witness for investigators.

“Prince Andrew — time to make good on your promise of co-operating with authorities, or you may be next,” Bloom told The Sun.

Andrew has vehemently denied having sex with Giuffre as well as having any involvement in Epstein’s sex ring.

“He has never met Brunel. No ifs, no buts,” a source close to Andrew also insisted to The Sun.

Brunel has been charged with raping minors and sexual harassment, charges that could result in a life sentence.

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