As an investigative journalist, I have written numerous reports on Covid-19, including information from inside the hospitals, tying together data points, the science, big pharma, funding, therapeutics and vaccines, and the impact it has had on our economy to the detriment of the people. In addition to hundreds of hours of research, analysis, and first-hand observations, I have had personal experiences and connected with many in the medical field. Because I have published so many reports regarding Covid-19, for transparency purposes, I want to share how I have arrived at my conclusions, as well as gathered the evidence to back my reports. Early on, when Covid-19 first hit the U.S., I was already observing false flags, viral video propaganda, and bad actors warning people that 1-2 million people would die. I’ve seen this show before. I’ve observed it, researched it, and in some cases lived through it. They come on strong with harsh fear tactics and spew exaggerations to suck everyone in. It’s the fear hook. Ultimately, it never evolves into what they say it will, but they keep everyone on the hook for as long as they can, until the next “epidemic” or “pandemic” allegedly breaks out. Many of us witnessed this with HIV/AIDS, which has been a decades-long slush fund that I have been writing a book about. I’ve released the first 3 chapters, but had to table it to cover the Covid madness. Once you’ve been through it, observed it, and researched it extensively, the patterns and their maneuvers and manipulation tactics are crystal clear to spot. So I had to get to the bottom of Covid-19 and weed through fact from fiction so I could share this information with the masses. Does this make me an expert on the matter? No, but I pull all data points from the alleged experts, such as those below. Throughout this year, I have followed and documented data, verbiage, video, and content from the White House Covid-19 Task Force, CDC, WHO, NIH, Johns Hopkins, HHS, FDA, BARDA, Covid Tracking Project, Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, America’s Frontline Doctors, big pharma, legacy news media talking points, and numerous scientists and doctors. I do not take my work lightly. I listen to their words, analyze their voices and body language, scrape all of their data and statistics, pull scientific studies, and document real data, manipulated data, retractions, hypocrisy, blatant lies, and doublespeak. With exception of them hiding and removing data, these organizations and people are actually quite transparent. Their trickery is like watching a bad magic trick. I have also spent a great deal of time communicating with over 20 medical professionals who work at hospitals throughout the U.S., ranging from RNs, critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, technicians, paramedics, MDs, pathologists, and a medical examiner. I verify employment for any of those whose information I utilize in my reports. Additionally, I have friends and family members who also work at hospitals. I have reviewed real causes of death logs, xrays, and legitimate Covid hospitalization counts at specific hospitals from internal computers. I have spoken at length with a medical examiner who has performed autopsies on Covid patients. In addition to all of the above, I want to briefly share my personal experience. I do not wear a mask, and have not worn a mask since this began, with the exception of 4 times. Twice I had to have blood drawn at a medical facility, once was to cast my vote in the 2020 election, and once I briefly wore it to be seated at a restaurant. I have gone into several different grocery stores, convenient stores, several hardware stores, coffee shops, banks, restaurants, gas stations, drugstores, indoor shooting range, and fast food places without ever wearing a mask, while everyone else around me is wearing one. It is a symbol of submission and signals to everyone around that it is ok to submit to this tyranny. I will not do it. I have read the studies, though that wasn’t even necessary, as a child could tell you that these masks don’t work. I’ve also run all of the data to know that this “virus” isn’t nearly as contagious as they stated, and studies prove this as well. That is documented in part 4 of my most recent 5-part Covid-19 report, and the first 3 parts are already published. In fact, the 90% who test positive, yet are strangely asymptomatic, are not the “super spreaders” they have alleged them to be, and studies now reveal that as well. This is also in part 4. After all of my research, just how contagious do I believe it is? I’ve never worn a mask, with exception of those few times I indicated above. I had a 90-min massage by a massage therapist who had a low-grade fever and headache just a few hours later, and tested positive for Covid. She was physically touching me and breathing over me for 90-minutes and I did not contract it. Nor was I “asymptomatic” and passed it on to anyone in my sphere, including my elderly parents. Am I a beacon of health, pumping myself full of vitamins? I probably should be, but I don’t. I also have a very close friend who was visiting her elderly dad numerous times in a hospital and nursing home. Neither of them ever contracted it, nor did her mom. My elderly father is out and about in public places every day and has never contracted it. My friend’s teenage son contracted it and only had a headache and mild fatigue. She and I had already been hanging out when she discovered he tested “positive.” Neither of us contracted it or “spread” it to others. I have a close friend who’s 10-year-old daughter spent the night at a friend’s house and a few of them, including her daughter ended up with low-grade fevers and a headache that lasted a day. They tested positive, so decided to all continue hanging out together. In fact, her daughter was excited and said, “mom, I just became a part of history!” then she ran off to play with her friends. Though this is sad, and cute, and funny all at once, the point is… she had no fear, thanks to her wonderful mom. Does this mean that no one has contracted it or the “virus” doesn’t really exist? Of course not. A virus exists, just as coronavirus strains have existed for years, but it’s not the deadly virus they want everyone to believe it is, the PCR tests are completely faulty, the lack of prescribing simple therapeutics is criminal, and everyone knows the ventilators are a death sentence. The entire history of how the virus emerged is shrouded in lies. It is no worse than the flu, and all numbers point to this. I have a cousin whose father tested positive for “Covid-19” and had terrible respiratory issues because of other conditions he had. He was hospitalized and was briefly put on a ventilator, then finally got the hydroxychloroquine / antibiotic remedy and was fine. Just as influenza and pneumonia can exacerbate preexisting conditions, so too can coronavirus, but data and studies prove it is no worse than the flu. The real virus is fear, and the real threat is the authoritarian governors, media, corrupt politicians, big pharma and stake-holders who stand to make a lot of money while attempting a worldwide power play. The fact is, when you review all of the data put out by the CDC and other organizations, it’s quite easy to discern that the numbers have been exaggerated on all counts, especially when Dr. Birx herself has informed the press and American people, during press conferences, that they are counting everyone who tested positive for Covid as a Covid death even if they died from other causes, including gunshot wounds, car accidents, or a week left to live in hospice. The problem is, the media buries that while pushing the narrative they want everyone to believe – that this virus is a death sentence – so that people will comply, as they obliterate the economy and people’s lives. It’s criminal and quite evil and it infuriates me to my core, as it should every American and everyone dealing with the same tyranny in their country. The work I do is to extract the facts no matter which way they go, provide the evidence, and expose the truth so that people can make informed decisions. I am neither a doctor or a scientist, but then, neither is Bill Gates. I do not like people being taken advantage of, manipulated, or having their lives ruined by those who wish to hold power and control over them, and are willing to do it at any cost. This is why I do what I do, in the hopes of giving people a fighting chance by being armed with knowledge. I have published over 150 articles and in-depth reports on topics and agendas that directly impact mankind. Six of them have been used in three legal cases due to the evidence they provided. I have published over a dozen on Covid-19. You can read my most recent 5-part series on Covid-19 here. This complete series will be made available in The Bookshop as well, once all 5 parts are published. All of my investigative reports are available for free on this site, and many are also available in PDF format in The Bookshop for download at a small fee. My work is solely reader-funded, so any support is greatly appreciated.

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