Athletes Unleashed Gym owner Robby Dinero, a former Marine, tore up a $15,000 fine on live TV.

This was prompted by Dinero getting together with other business owners for a protest against the draconian policies in New York that are driving them under. He said,

“I posted on Facebook Friday night that I wanted to get together, business owners, and protest and fight the lockdown that I feel is infringing upon our freedom. They showed up Friday night. We were about 20 minutes into that meeting when some sheriffs and the department of health official showed up, uninvited. My business was closed, we were not conducting business. This was a protest.”

He added,

“I was here after hours, and the sheriffs came again, escorting a department of health official. I told them to get off my property. I told them that there are procedures they need to follow. This is after hours, and they have no right to be on my property without a warrant. I told him to come back. He said he wanted to deliver this piece of paper in an envelope. I said nope, call, make an appointment. It’s after hours, you can call and make an appointment. He taped it to the door, I finished kicking them off my property, and I opened it up, and it is a fine for $15,000. Any infringement on liberty goes too far. We were born with inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our creator. They are guaranteed by the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights. The 1st through 14th Amendments, specifically. Any infringement on our freedom for any reason is too far. Our freedom cannot end where people’s fear starts.”

At the conclusion of his interview with Fox News, Dinero tore up his $15,000 fine. Happily, his act of defiance has drawn support for him. A GoFundMe created to pay his fine has already reached 42 thousand dollars and climbing.

Poloncarz’s Health Dept fined Marine, war veteran & business owner Robby Dinero $15,000. Kicked them out of his gym. Video went viral. Sparked the resistance against tyrannical politicians. Please share our GoFundMe. Help him fight against this $15K fine

— Stefan Mychajliw (@StefanMychajliw) November 24, 2020

If there is one lesson to take from all of this, it’s that Ronald Reagan was right when he said,

COVID-19 hasn’t been a walk in the park and our government has only made it worse. They’ve driven people into poverty, destroyed businesses, kept families apart, and have pushed people to suicide while doing very little of consequence to stop the virus. Other than Donald Trump’s decision to cut off flights from highly infected areas and his big push to get a vaccine in record time, almost every government policy designed to fight COVID-19 has proven to be useless or even counter-productive. What is being done to Robby Dinero is just one more example of that.

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