A group of volunteers has converted drones into deadly flamethrowers to fight against an infestation of hornets’ nests in central China.

Blue Sky Rescue, the volunteer search-and-rescue group, near the city of Chongqing in central China raised more than $12,000 to convert drones to flying flame-throwers using a gasoline tank and nozzle, according to the AP.

Videos released by the company show a recent mission to bring down 11 hornets’ nests in the city. The drone hovers above a hive before swooping down. The drone operator presses an ignition switch and the drone hurls out a tongues of fire into the hive.

“The burning ashes of the wasp’s nest gradually peeled off and fell, and the surrounding residents applauded and praised the rescue team,” said an article on a local news app run by state-owned Chongqing TV.

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