Apple’s head of global security was indicted on Monday for allegedly trying to bribe a California sheriff’s office with the promise of 200 iPads in exchange for concealed-weapon permits for company employees.

In addition to Thomas Moyer, 50, the tech-giant’s chief security officer, two officers with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office were also charged in the alleged scheme.

The officers are also facing bribery charges.

In California, permits are required to carry concealed firearms and county sheriffs are in charge of issuing them.

“There was no bribe, no quid pro quo,” Moyer’s attorney, Ed Swanson, told Reuters. “They went through the process the way you’re supposed to do it.”

Swanson said the promised iPad donation was separate from the permits. The lawyer also said Moyer was seeking the four permits for Apple security personnel for the protection of company workers.

Apple conducted their own investigation into the allegations and found no wrongdoing.

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