An apparently suicidal Florida mom is looking at serious charges after she allegedly abandoned her baby at the home of a stranger and then fled from her maternal duties, Crime Online reports.

Thirty-three-year-old Melissa Kelly has been accused of abandoning her baby at a Deltona, Florida, home where the mom of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend resides.

The Florda mom abandoned the baby just before 11 pm on November 15. 

“My daughter is dating her ex-boyfriend, or whatever,” Patricia Tillman said when she made the 911 call about the baby left at her home.

“And she turned back and just left her baby.”

Florida woman abandons sick newborn with dirty diaper & scabies after boyfriend breaks up with her: Police

Tillman and the Florida mom who abandoned her baby had never even met, leaving her unable to tell the authorities Kelley’s name.

Before she split, Kelley claimed that her ex-boyfriend, Clayton Zinck, would come pick up the baby. 

But Zinck never did show up.

According to WESH, Florida cops located the mom who abandoned her baby in a matter of hours. She was in the woods in Astor, which is where she lives.

The Deltona resident said Kelley told her she could no longer care for the infant and that the baby’s father would come for him.

Doorbell camera captures Central Florida woman handing off baby to complete stranger

The Florida mom who abandoned her baby was reportedly at her wits’ end over her recent break-up with the infant’s father.

During the lead-up to the grand abandonment, the Florida mom threatened her ex with a text that said, “Please don’t make me throw this baby in the trash.”

Kelley also warned she would harm herself by taking drugs and that ultimately she would kill herself.

At first, Florida authorities reached out to Zinck’s parents about assuming guardianship of the baby, the New York Post reports.

When investigators reached Zinck’s parents they said they wouldn’t take the baby, the outlet reported.

Florida woman charged with abandoning her sick baby on stranger’s doorstep

The dead-beat mom has been slapped with multiple charges in a Florida court for abandoning her baby.

One charge is unlawful desertion of a child.

The other is child neglect.

The Daily Mail reports that Kelley sprung from jail on Tuesday after posting a $2,000 bond.

She is due back in court on November 23. 

Florida mother, 33, is caught on doorbell camera abandoning her three-month-old baby boy on stranger’s doorstep with a soiled diaper and scabies infection

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