Massachusetts police are looking for a man they say spat at two women hikers who weren’t wearing face masks — and who then told them he had COVID-19.

The man angrily approached the women as they hiked along the Hudson Overlook on the Midstate Trail in Ashburnham on Nov. 15, police said.

He was caught on video spitting at the woman who was filming the encounter.

“I have COVID,” the man can be heard saying. “I’ve been tested positive.”

The man then spits a second time at the woman.

“Are you OK?” she asks.

“No!” the man replies.

Police have not released the identities of the man or the hikers.

The Ashburnham Police Department said the man told the hikers it was the “law” to wear masks and that they were “irresponsible” for not doing so, CNN reported.

Police provided a minute-long video to CNN in which the man asks, “You’re not wearing a mask?”

“I don’t care, I’m not gonna wear a mask when I’m outside,” one of the women replies.

“That’s not the law, that’s not the law,” says the man.

Police said the man could face an assault charge and a charge of false threat of a biological agent.

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