The Hunter Biden email scandal first exposed by The Post could prove a key turning point in deciding the presidential election, Sen. Lindsey Graham predicted Sunday.

The South Carolina Republican told Fox News that the Democratic candidate’s son and his overseas business deals was one of a handful of key issues creating a new “momentum” for President Trump.

“I hear Hunter Biden a lot,” Graham told “Sunday Morning Futures,” saying it was making people “reassess the whole Biden campaign.”

“The Hunter Biden corruption is penetrating with independents,” he said.

Graham said he was “going to have a hearing with the FBI about ‘Why did you sit on the laptop so long?’” he said, with two computers reportedly seized by investigators.

“What you see from the business partner of Hunter Biden is corruption at an industrial scale,” he insisted, calling it “influence peddling.”

Sen. Ron Johnson — who chairs one of two Senate panels that examined Hunter Biden’s role in overseas business dealings while his father was vice president — called the scandal a “huge mess.”

“I take no joy in uncovering the truth about the Bidens,” Johnson told “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“This is a mess. It’s a huge mess. And it’s a mess that’s not going away, particularly if Vice President Biden becomes president,” he said.

“It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been saying for quite some time that I never felt that Vice President Biden should never run for president.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks to supporters at the Horry County Republican Headquarters in Conway, South Carolina.
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Johnson questioned why Hunter Biden was not investigated by the FBI years ago.

“Did they not look into Hunter Biden because of his last name,” he asked, insisting it was a “serious question.” He suggested it proved that “we probably have two systems of justice — one for Democrats and the well-connected, and one for Republicans like President Trump and other Americans.”

Graham, meanwhile, said he believes energy and fracking will also prove a key issue in deciding Tuesday’s election.

“The war declared by Biden on oil and gas was maybe the biggest political mistake in a debate in modern history,” he told the Fox show, suggesting that the Democrat’s plans would be a “boom to Russia.”

“You wanna help Russia? Get America out of the oil and gas business,” he said, suggesting it was “the biggest mistake Biden has made.”

“I think that alone flips Pennsylvania,” Graham said.

He also believes that the recent confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court was a huge boost to Republicans.

“When I mention Amy Barrett’s name, it gets a louder applause than Trump or Graham,” he said, saying she “excites the base.”

The 65-year-old also dismissed any concerns of President Trump refusing to give up power were he to lose the election.

“I’m more worried about the liberals not accepting Trump winning than Trump not transferring power,” he said.

“If Biden wins he’s gonna increase taxes, he’s gonna kill the economy and they’re gonna lock our country down like Europe,” he said of coronavirus quarantines.

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