Authorities in North Dakota are searching for a missing mom who vanished two weeks ago after leaving a small gathering — and relatives believe her disappearance might be tied to a love triangle.

Anne Fitzsimonds, 47, disappeared when she walked away from a party at a farmstead in Peterburg around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 4, the Grand Forks Herald reported.

Police believe the mom might have tried to walk to her home 26 miles away in Inkster, though her family said it’s unlikely since temperatures dipped to 29 degrees and she was only wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and cowboy boots.

“There’s no way; 26 miles is a marathon,” her older brother, George Niece, told the outlet.

He said he believes that her disappearance may be connected to her drug addiction issues and infidelity in her 30-year marriage.

“In this case, there was a love triangle, I think, and I think there is drugs; that’s going to be money. It doesn’t look good,” Niece said.

Authorities on Thursday seized the truck that Fitzsimonds had been driving the night of her disappearance, the outlet reported. They believe her boyfriend drove it home the night she vanished without a trace.

Her family is offering $5,000 for any tips that help find her.

“I’m going to find her — that I know. I am going to find her, whether it’s one day, or 100 days or a thousand days, or the last day I breathe, I just don’t know,” Niece said.

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